Jennifer Weingart




I am a national award winning audio journalist currently producer for AirSpace from the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.


I teach audio journalism with the University of Notre Dame's program in Journalism, Ethics and Democracy.


My Bachelor's degree is in broadcast journalism from Central Michigan University.


I also work on a freelance basis producing and reporting audio stories. As well as working tapesyncs in the DC Metro area.


I have a passion for audio. I am drawn to the kind of stories that are driven by character. A person, or people, to whom the news is not coming out of a car radio but happening inside their home, on their street or in their neighborhood.


I hope to put my passion to work for your organization. 

Image Credit: Peter Ringenberg 2017


Audio-Editing - I am proficient in editing audio in Adobe Audition and ProTools.

Writing Skills - I write for radio and for the web with equal confidence and skill.

Research - I am skilled at research through traditional documents, online and with people sources.

Deadline pressure - I can juggle multiple stories, sources, and documents with ease.

Interviewing - I interview high level officials and small town residents with enthusiasm and professionalism.

Communication skills - I am comfortable speaking with listeners, co-workers, superiors, and sources. Both publicly and one-on-one.

You can find my work on AirSpace here, on the WVPE site, the WCMU site, the WDET site the NPR site and the AIR talent directory. I am also available for tape syncs throughout the DC Metro region.